PPG Omega European Masters and The PPG Innovation Summit



The experience needed to provide PPG with one-to-one time with key customers from around the world and showcase their cutting-edge innovation and technology alongside their partnership with a leading sport and world class event.

To effectively generate awareness and interest in the event, maximise attendance and secure sustained engagement, we created a robust communications and project plan. The logistics of the event were challenging due to the number of people involved, the different locations they were arriving from and the varying length of stay for each guest. The entire event ran for four days from the 6th to 9th September 2018. We managed 270 guests who were split into four groups, all arriving on different days. In order to manage the logistical difficulties, we needed a very detailed plan, with three experienced welcome teams stationed in multiple locations.

Guests spent a day at the Crans-sur-Sierre Golf Club, on the course and in a dedicated space to network with like-minded individuals from PPG business units. The next day was spent at the Innovations Summit, where our in-house design team had split the space into four areas to highlight PPG’s most ground-breaking innovations in paints and coatings. Experts were sourced from R&D facilities across the world, bringing together a team of global scientific talent to best describe the coatings innovations to their guests. The project was evaluated with a post-event survey to measure guests’ experiences from both a quantitative and qualitative point of view. 100% positive feedback was received from both customers and PPG staff regarding the whole experience.

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