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Lexus LS 500h European Dynamic Press Launch / Lexus


When Purple Dog Solutions was invited to pitch against at least 5 other European agencies to win the rights to work with Lexus and launch their flagship LS 500h model to European Auto and Lifestyle Press from 27 countries, we realised that we needed to be brave and imaginative to stand out. Our logistical and production solution took inspiration from the Japanese spirit of “Omotenashi” – (a unique sense of personalised Japanese hospitality), which is one of the new bywords in the Lexus vernacular. We did this by engaging with destinations and suppliers that would offer a delegate experience that is second to none, with attention to detail at the fore. They needed to be efficient, refined and above all – to respect guests and provide the ingredients for them to create positive memories of the Marque, the destination and the overall experience.

Our research showed that Lexus had more than 50% share of the luxury car segment in Oman, their showroom is one of the largest and busiest in the world and that the Omani people epitomise the virtues of ‘Omotenashi’ as part of their DNA. They are hospitable, sincere and gentle, and luckily reside in one of the most magical and beautiful countries on earth. The first-class road system helped make the case for Lexus to go out on a limb and choose to launch their flagship car in a country outside of the European continent even though this was their target market.

Our objective was to launch the all-new Lexus LS 500h, showcasing the bold design, innovative technology, exhilarating performance and Japanese Takumi craftsmanship featured in the car. We faced and overcame many challenges, which made Oman a difficult, but ultimately, rewarding place to work.

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