The very idea of the 'One Astellas' event was beyond bold. An unprecedented event uniting 4700 colleagues from 43 offices & 21 countries in celebration.

Everyone told us that they didn't think it was possible, so we used the event as a symbol of what the business was trying to do as an organisation – to make the impossible possible. 

The objective of the anniversary celebration was to create a sense of pride and community throughout Astellas. Importantly, it had to be inclusive, something that would connect offices and all employees across Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region.

The event had to reinforce the company vision and values; excite employees, and champion what they've achieved; as well as deliver an experience with real 'wow' factor. It was crucial that the event reinforced how much the company values its employees and the importance of their role in company achievements.

The live activation of 'One Astellas' aimed to accomplish all of this by including Astellas employees in the creation of content. By using their own stories, we illustrated the life-changing, uplifting, and often heart-breaking personal moments that employees from across the EMEA region had in common, evoking a sense of togetherness and community. 

It was a world-first. The event comprised dance, theatre, music, poetry, and film, created from the stories told by Astellas employees, for Astellas employees. Think on the scale of Eurovision, but instead of cheesy Euro pop, this was a day full of life-affirming, inspirational stories told before employees across eight different languages. 

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