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The Recharge event for Volvo was designed to let the media experience Volvo’s shifting electrifying brand, while also allowing journalists take time to ‘recharge’ in an understatedly luxury setting. Volvo (UK) wanted to showcase their electric models to a select group of automotive, consumer and lifestyle press. Over three beautiful autumn days in September 2019, we designed a hands-on experience of the models and features, with an attendance of 27 to 35 journalists each day.

In collaboration with the client, the Noble Events team developed the overarching ‘Recharge’ event theme – springing from the need to “recharge” electric vehicles and in reference to their names – which allowed for a variety of selected leisure activities to be woven into the media programme, all based on the idea of taking time to recharge oneself.

The ‘luxury but laidback’ event took us to the beautiful Cotswold countryside on a gorgeous estate with our venue at Thyme Hotel, Spa & Farm, that catered to a variety of ways of relaxation for our client and guests. The objective of a “modern, fresh Scandanavian feel” from our client was fulfilled through beautiful Scandi- style dinners and wooden palleted architecture of the renovated buildings.

Our team provided 80 unique schedules for each important A-List automotive journalist which gave them the freedom to recharge under their personal preferences. Behind the effortless appearance of the event, many technical and logistical layers combined with around-the-clock organisation and preparation took place over the 72 hours. The venue had to adapt into a corporate space, delegate registration for our complex personalised itineraries had to be made without the budget for a bespoke website, vehicles arriving on the day uncharged required quick thinking on the spot.

Overall, the Recharge event achieved all our objectives and propelled Volvo’s electric image for its vehicles.

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