Redken Symposium Las Vegas 2019

Wolf and White / Redken


This entry shows how a live brand engagement agency in Derby generated measurable amplification for world’s largest salon hair care brand.

After a competitive pitch in New York, Wolf & White went straight onto Redken’s iconic Symposium for over 10,000 attendees in Las Vegas.

To us, brand amplification is all about setting a brand’s spirit free through the stories we tell.

Redken was born in New York and the brand was brought up on the city’s exhilaration and diversity. So we took New York to Vegas. Every detail of the event felt authentically Big Apple because our creative team know that city from the inside.

Our opening brand show celebrated New York’s sense of acceptance: live your life your way— be a little weird, who cares? Redken is part of your world. Using bespoke screen content, original music and a cast of hundreds of dancers and models we evoked the Redken spirit through five lavishly staged vignettes. Each featured a different character based on real New Yorkers who live amazing lives. The nurse by day who becomes the burlesque dancer by night, for example.

The venue styling, the vitality and glamour of the learning sessions, the huge ‘Central Park’ space providing real New York food. Everything was meticulously planned.
The client then measured our amplification against objectives in their event RFP.
They wanted to retain existing salon customers with a loss of no more than 1% a year. We cut that loss to just 0.3%

They wanted to recruit 925 new salons within 6 months. We delivered 1,202.

And they needed to boost their previous best event positivity score of 83%. We hit 96%.

So why should our Redken event win Best Brand Amplification? Because we’ve shown how to turn the control up to 11.

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