Renault Icons for Life

Ignition / Groupe Renault UK


In 2019, Renault had 2 iconic vehicles to launch in the UK market: the ever popular fifth generation CLIO, and New ZOE: successor to Renault’s first fully electric vehicle.

The challenge for Ignition was to successfully create a dynamic and engaging programme that would empower the Renault UK dealer network (sales and aftersales, for both UK and Ireland markets – total audience of over 1200) with the knowledge, understanding, and belief in two vastly different models, one with an ICE (internal combustion engine) and one with an all-electric drivetrain (totalling to over 80 vehicles), whilst at the same time giving equal share of voice to each unique product.

Having to communicate two vehicles’ worth of content and information in one relatively short day required detailed planning to ensure that each moment we had face to face with the network was used as efficiently & effectively as possible. There were many elements that we had to align to create the final experience: every one of which came with its own set of unique challenges. These challenges were overcome in part by clever venue selection and utilisation, the inclusion and deployment of in-house technologies and bespoke content for each vehicle.

Using Millbrook Proving Ground as the backdrop allowed for new driving technologies to be demonstrated in the best possible environment, whilst the availability of on-site vehicle charging point helped to solve the unique challenge posed by having 20+ fully electric vehicles as part of the experience, that combined with the CLIO’s, would drive over 6000 miles during the event.

All these elements combined to help the event achieve an overall satisfaction rating of 9.1/10: collectively as a team we were thrilled with the results and the bespoke blended learning journey that was created and delivered to the delegates.

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