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DEVOTE Results Meeting


The Small Planet Group works with world leading healthcare companies providing expert communication, training and event logistics.

We are nominating the 'DEVOTE Results Meeting' for Pharma & Healthcare Event of the Year, which we planned and executed on behalf of our client.

Our client is a world leading Pharmaceutical company in the development and innovation of Diabetes treatments. The purpose of this meeting was to communicate the results of one of their pioneering trials to an audience of over 350 attendees from 16 countries.

This event was going to be the benchmark for Results Meetings going forward, and needed to be more invigorating, engaging and innovative than any previous or similar meetings. Our client wanted the audience to experience the 'wow' factor and return to their countries feeling motivated and empowered to deliver the results to the rest of their trial teams.

Creating an engaging and interactive event were the main objectives; the data needed to be presented in a memorable and captivating way. We needed to enhance the audience participation and create an enjoyable experience, whilst remaining within the confines of Pharmaceutical compliance.

Logistically, Small Planet had to overcome challenges with language barriers, time-zones, cultural expectations and travel restrictions. Creatively, we were able to explore opportunities which are often over looked for clinical Pharma and Heathcare events, and we collaborated with our excellent supplier partnerships to create an impactful, successful meeting.

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