Lime Venue Portfolio

Lime Venue Portfolio (LVP) represents an 80+ group of unique and unusual venues, united by the exceptional food delivered within each venue by Compass Group UK & Ireland. It is LVP’s role to add value to this partnership by providing a sales and marketing support function for the portfolio.

Lime Venue Portfolio launched in 2008 and since then have become the leading group venue finder for unique venues. Today, LVP are proud to represent independent venues from all four corners of the UK.

In 2018 /19, performance was once again exceptional; Lime Venue Portfolio posted a growth of 9.7% in sales revenue at the half year point (the business’s year runs October – September). However, the focus of this entry is on the people that drive the business, less so on the financials. The LVP team have worked to be as inclusive as possible and achieved financial success by attracting and keeping young people with potential, whilst also giving opportunity to working mums with ambition.

“In tougher times Lime Venue Portfolio acknowledge the need to refresh and enhance leadership capabilities. But, not only to look ahead but also to ‘look around corners’ for new opportunities. We do this in a way that fishes in the largest talent pool possible and allows everyone with potential and ambition to fulfil it within our business.”
Jo Kenny, Head of Central Sales, Lime Venue Portfolio

This is why Lime Venue Portfolio should be recognised as Best MICE Sales Team.

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