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Tata Steel - A World of Colour event / Colorcoat® by Tata Steel


Tata Steel have been manufacturing pre-finished steel in the UK for over 50 years under the Colorcoat® umbrella brand, for the construction market. In October 2017 we launched our revolutionary next generation of Colorcoat Prisma® pre-finished steel.

Key to the success of the product launch was early architect/developer adoption and advocacy. This was to be achieved by delivering a thought leading event that engaged and enticed architects from all across Europe, including Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The event was entitled A World of Colour, with the theme of colour chosen due to its accessibility for all audiences, educational nature and as a tie in to the enhanced aesthetics and colour performance that Colorcoat Prisma® offers.

Held as one of the first events at the brand new RIBA North architectural centre, on Liverpool waterfront; the event aimed to attract architects by offering an intriguing and informative experience that offered something a bit different. A carefully curated event programme was developed to include industry experts such as colour consultant, Karen Haller, a prestigious UK architect in the field of colour, as well as an insight into the design of the award winning Alder Hey hospital from Building Design Partnerships, Ged Couser. The event also concluded with a talk from the Tate Liverpool and a private river cruise.

The event was a huge success that sparked debate, built relationships and provided a platform to build a positive awareness of Tata Steel’s thought leading approach to the built environment, and demonstrate its new Colorcoat Prisma® product. The success of the event can be seen both through the qualitative feedback:

-“Thank you for the great organisation looking forward to your/our future projects!”-

… and also through the 100% meeting follow up rate of attending architects, and subsequent building specifications secured.

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