TEN6 Creative

Sales Kick Off 2018


We were tasked by Genesys to produce a Sales Kick Off that was a celebration of the past year, having just merged with their largest competitor. The previous year was a time of redundancies, changes and challenges but the financials still spoke for themselves and they wanted to show each and every sales team member from all over the world that a celebration was in order and it was down to us to showcase this celebration during a four-day sales kick-off event in San Francisco.

As a new agency both to the market and to this client; we not only had to prove ourselves but also the value of each team member to this new and improved larger organisation through the investment made in the production of this event.

Through meticulous research and planning we put together an extravaganza of fun, entertainment, learning but most importantly togetherness to celebrate two organisations becoming one with a common goal of all – sales success. We invited the team members to showcase their own personal experiences as an opportunity to resonate with each and every attendee and this as allowed an opportunity for those not usually invited to experience the event, a new city and an investment from the company in their own development.

From DJ’s to football matches, saxophones to thundersticks, postcards to parties we crammed in a week full of content and excitement but most importantly memories to last throughout the next twelve months to motivate, excite and engage this sales team to perform and continue their current successes.

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