The Black Tomato Agency

Mazda invest where it counts; in customer experience, in celebrating driving and in incentivising top players. Their benchmark is high in every aspect of what they do and, for the third year running, our mission was to showcase excellence on an incentive worthy of the Mazda Elite. New this year was that Dealer Principals wished to celebrate success with their partners, so Mazda Elite Club took on a new shape, adding a level of sophistication, romance and a new pace for couples to enjoy together. The brief was simple: create a trip to motivate every Dealer Principal like never before and deliver it so expertly that the bar was raised once again. 

We needed a location that pushed boundaries with money-can’t-buy experiences, while maintaining the sense of luxury and exclusive membership now symbolic of the Mazda Elites. And so to Zambia, for a programme of unique surprises, natural phenomena, wonders of the world, colonial nostalgia and some high-octane sports for those that crave adrenaline. Aligning perfectly with a nine month communications campaign, the little details on and off site surpassed expectations every step of the way, in an event that even a couple of rogue hippos couldn’t derail. 

The results? Record breaking performance by Mazda UK, unprecedented dealer engagement and an experience that guests have declared ‘the best trip we have ever been on, bar none’.

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