The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD)

The Convention Centre Dublin


The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) was developed to provide a world-class conference venue in the heart of Ireland's capital city.

The CCD has a proven track record for excellence and prides itself on the quality of service it provides to clients worldwide. The team at The CCD constantly deliver exceptional customer service and this is displayed by the excellent customer feedback the business receives since opening and the customer satisfaction rates remaining above 99%. This is further demonstrated by the fact that 35% of client events were counted as repeat business, with some events being held at the venue for eight years in a row (AirFinance).

In the past year, the venue managed to secure almost 100 new and exciting high-profile clients, such as Mastercard and Microsoft and held some impressive international conferences for the first time, including the the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENs), Worldcon and the International Headache Society Congress.

Since June last year, The CCD held 145 events with 52 of these being international events attracting over 33,000 international conference delegates, worth over €54 million to the local Irish economy. June 2019 to March 2020 saw some of the venue's busiest months with 145 events taking place before the current pandemic COVID-19 restrictions came into place in early March 2020.

As the world's first carbon-neutral constructed convention centre, The CCD is one of Europe's most environmentally-friendly venues. In this period, The CCD maintained a recycling rate of 98% showing a strong focus on sustainability within the business.

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