The Future is Now

Brands at Work / Prudential Corporation Asia (PCA)


Prudential Corporation Asia (PCA) gathered over 150 C-level executives and business leaders for their 2018 Regional Conference.

The conference came at a time when smaller, nimbler start-ups were disrupting the market with dynamic products and new methods. PCA knew they had to learn how to embrace change and break down silos in order to accelerate growth.

Brands At Work had previously worked on the 2017 Regional Conference. Themed ‘Reimagine Our Future’, it helped delegates shape a new way forward as a team. For 2018 we created the theme ‘The Future Is Now’. It aimed to spark a cultural change towards a more collaborative and open organisation, where anyone could feel they could suggest ideas and spark conversation with anyone else.

We achieved this by creating interactive and exciting content tailored around pushing our delegates outside their perceived limits. Our seating plan, innovation showcase, key note speakers and delegate activities were all selected with collaboration and innovation in mind. We conducted interviews with senior stakeholders across functions and geographical locations to ensure the content was relevant – the stories we discovered then formed the core of the conference agenda and topics. Given the geographical spread and sheer number of interviews, all of this had to be achieved remotely.

While PCA’s preference was not to use formal event analysis tools to measure effectiveness, we were told it was described as their “best ever” conference.

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