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Rotterdam & The Hague


The Hague & Rotterdam are not your obvious choice of event destinations. When an event brief lands, our cities are probably not going to be the immediate spark you think of. And yet dig a little deeper and you can open up some fresh, new, different and dynamic options for clients. The fact that we are not one of the ‘usual suspects’ is already part of our charm and surprise for client’s future events. Add in our practicality of having the major hub of Amsterdam Schiphol on our doorstep, plus our own regional airport and now direct Eurostar train services, with transfer times comparable to most European capitals.

So Rotterdam & The Hague can open up a different dynamic for events, and give delegates somewhere new and different to explore and discover, rather than back to all the same old places. And without compromising on hub or transfers.

We have also strived to be creative and innovative in the way we present the cities to the UK MICE market. We’ve ditched the ubiquitous iPad and Powerpoints and taken gamification full-on with new games and concepts to tell our story. From our very own set of ‘Top Trumps’ cards, to our unique boardgames (including a giant floor-sized version). These have captured the imagination of planners and helped them engage in a creative and fun way to learn more about our cities, and how they could work for their client’s future events.

This has been an major part of our success story, raising our profile and leading to large year-on-year increases in RFP requests from UK buyers. This re-invention of our story-telling, coupled with new developments in the cities and an increasing quest for viable alternatives to the mainstream have set up Rotterdam & The Hague for future growth.

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