The Killing - A Criminal Investigation

The Killing - A Criminal Investigation, Right Angle Corporate Limited / Shop Direct

Designed and run by senior Ex-Scotland Yard Detectives, The Killing is the ultimate immersive and captivating experience.

This challenging, yet entertaining, team build provides participants with the opportunity to step into the shoes of not only a Crime Scene Investigator but into other areas such as forensic psychology and cyber-crime.

Investigators are split into their detective teams before being briefed on the heinous crime that has taken place. Tailored to fit the client’s objectives, the experience will take guests through the process of investigating the motive, method and means for the murder.

Guests really get into the role and are provided with one piece body suits, masks and gloves, as well as a fully equipped mobile laboratory.

Participants will have to analyse forensic evidence they have retrieved from the extensive Crime Scene. Our crime scenes emulate real life scenes the designers of the experience have discovered in actual cases. With The Killing you’re not just speculating what has happened, you really are solving a crime.

Using only authentic equipment the teams will undertake fingerprinting, blood spatter pattern analysis, forensic odontology, hair and fibre analysis, ballistics, DNA and much more. The investigation culminates with teams having to create a photo-fit of the suspect they believe to have committed the crime, using real FBI Photo-Fit Software.

We adapt each experience to fit with the aims and objectives of the client. We provide guests with team-mapping documents that demonstrate each element of the investigation and how this can be applied in the work place. Problem solving, time management, discovering team roles to name a few key aspects that are tested.

The Killing is your chance to work with your colleagues in a completely different way. This is a proven, fresh approach to team building without the “usual suspects”.