The Pavilion

Cheerful Twentyfirst / BBC Studios


Cheerful Twentyfirst was the lead agency on a revolutionary sustainable exhibition space for BBC Studios, built to launch at MIPCOM 2019. The brief was challenging; design and produce a standout space that would launch recently merged BBC Studios, host festival delegates and global clients, and personify BBC Studios as a brand. They asked for a resourceful new stand with innovation at its core.
Our vision was a visually captivating, 0% waste solution.
We brought together the leading experts in interior and exterior design to break the waste mould and deliver a space that was adaptable, multi-use and completely biodegradable at the end of its life. The culmination was an incredibly unique, two-storey temporary structure that will continue to see strong return on investment over the next few years as an exhibition icon for BBC Studios. From considering reusability in build design phases, to sourcing organic material for their robustness, sustainability and contribution to better acoustic environment, every element was considered.
Celebrating the best in British craft, design and creativity, the exhibition stand manifested a new kind of experience of BBC Studios. The Pavilion created a welcoming and professional environment that inspired collaboration, creativity, and embodied the brands vision for sustainability.
The Pavilion is an efficient and game changing asset whose influence has been felt globally in the wider exhibition market. The innovative structure has paved the way for a new era of build design by challenging and debunking the traditional approach of a single-use exhibition space.

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