World Forum The Hague

With a team of 5 we have cycled from The Hague to IMEX Frankfurt, that’s over 330 miles to raise money for WarChild, promote our Vitality Program and promote our City and Venue. The team was comprised of 5 individuals that are all very different from one another and all work at different divisions within The World Forum. Like every great team, you need different personalities and different qualities to be successful. I can hear you think though, that’s only five and we are talking about the whole team? Well, we can explain…

The colleagues who stayed behind in The Hague have supported us all the way sending daily encouragement video messages as well and backing us up with our day to day tasks and jobs. They have worked twice as hard and did all the preparations for the IMEX along with making sure our families where being kept updated with our progress. They made sure that none of our clients would experience any difference in service levels due to us being out of the office. We are incredibly grateful to our colleagues and clients that have supported us with our latest endeavors.

Because of this support we have managed to raise more then our goal and we have been able to create awareness for World Forum and The Hague on an International level that we couldn’t have imagined upfront. Everyone during IMEX knew us and our story. We were able to book triple the amount of appointments then we usually have during this fair and therefore new leads, new relations and new business opportunities. All due to the one team that we are…..

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