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Question: how do you stimulate well-travelled car dealers to exceed their sales targets?

Answer: offer the top performers a personalised trip to a different world. 

The Dealer Elite Programme 2015 promised Fiat’s 10 top car dealers a mind-blowing trip to Japan with their partners and the destination alone triggering fierce competition between the dealers: sales surged to 137% above the target figures.

The winners’ prize experience – an unforgettable trip to Japan – cemented the incentive as a legendary experience for years to come. The adventure was deeply personalised: customised web portals preparing for the trip, tailored snacks on the journey, the guests’ own favourite cocktails waiting under a bonsai tree in their hotel rooms, and the chance to choose their own activities for a day. Every other day was filled with the unforgettable: rooftop drinks and sumo wrestling in Tokyo, a bullet train to Kyoto, a 11-course meal served by monks in an ancient temple, Geisha-led drinking games – all captured in a gorgeous photobook of their memories to take home.

Aligning the entire experience with Fiat’s playful brand values, a careful balance was struck between freedom and pampering; between inviting the guests out of their comfort zones, and keeping them comfortable. Their true immersion in Japanese culture – preparing and presenting their own tea, making their own streetfood, using a translation app to find their way to a restaurant – ensured an experience that couldn’t be replicated anywhere else on Earth. The result? 100% of participants rated the trip and pre-event activities as ‘excellent’, and an incredible ROI was achieved.

The next question is: how do we top that next year?

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