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Barista of the Year / Costa


At Costa, Coffee is considered an art and their baristas artisans... that’s why they consider their baristas their most important ingredient.

Every year they celebrate this through a world-wide competition to find their coffee supremo, the Champion of Champions … the Barista whose passion, skill and creativity sets them apart from the rest. The Barista of the Year (BOY) is hard fought and highly prized.

For Costa, this competition celebrates the art of coffee making by recognising and rewarding the incredible work of its people. Not only does this celebration maintain the standards of excellence that everyone at Costa lives by but helps retain baristas by encouraging them to develop professional goals and careers within Costa.

This is a truly global campaign that engages every single one of the 30,000 baristas within the Costa brand. This year’s finalists came from all over the world; Poland, Czech Republic, Philippines, UK, Ireland, Kuwait, UAE and China.

The stand out moment is the much-anticipated announcement of who will be crowned Costa’s Barista of the Year. The tension, anticipation and excitement in the room is indescribable and full of emotion.

The finalist walks away with not just the title of Barista of the Year and the iconic trophy, but immersive experiences within the Costa brand and amazing career opportunities. For Costa this celebratory event isn’t about the quantitative ROI, for them it is measured by a much longer lasting impact of staff retention, brand advocacy and an ongoing passion for coffee.

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