Top Banana

Despite a successful year, changes at the top in Aggregate Industries (part of the LafargeHolcim Group) and unconfirmed rumours of a merger had left a normally loyal workforce of 4,000 in tatters … staff across more than 200 UK sites had fallen into the trap of working in isolation. 

Action was needed to galvanise the employees and help the business move forward under new leadership. 

To get employees engaged with a new vision, ‘together’ was created with five key objectives:
-Break down silos and stimulate cross business collaboration
-Create a culture of ownership and responsibility 
-Provoke innovative thinking and encourage sharing of best practice
-Support individual staff development 
-Give the new CEO greater visibility

‘together’ focused on the company’s four strategic pillars by encouraging everyone to come up with and share ideas on new ways of working across the business.

1,500 ideas were harvested at the initial launch and the ‘together’ team was snowed under with volunteers to lead teams, each of whom was charged with the task of generating and sharing ideas on how to do things better.

Recognition was key - senior members of the Aggregate Industries team presented solid gold and silver pins to employees whose ideas were adopted into the business.

Team Leaders were coached throughout the programme by a full-time co-ordinator who gave tailored support to help them lead their teams.

Senior level buy-in was fundamental to the success of ‘together’ as was the willingness to listen to and act on feedback from employees.

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