Touch Associates

Touch Associates, [email protected] 2017

In January 2017 Touch was brought in to support the production and communication around Merck’s collaboration with TED, the highlight of which was the inaugural [email protected] event, for 300 people on November 28th, 2017 at Here East in London.

The strategic partnership was formed to showcase the great thinking and talent within Merck and create a better understanding of what drives the company and its people to both internal and external audiences.
Touch delivered an engaging communication programme including building a bespoke application site for speakers in just 6 weeks. On the day Touch created Activation Zones to bring to life the theme of Breakthroughs outside of the main room where the talks were presented. The space also provided an opportunity for the presenters to connect with their audience beyond their presentation. We specifically designed the space not to be a traditional Expo; rather, a showcase for ideas and an opportunity for our audience to gain insights into their breakthrough stories within a more intimate environment.

The event, lived streamed to over 40 countries, was an enormous success; delegates experienced a one of a kind conference with 88% saying that the event had encouraged them to improve their own storytelling and communication skills.

The legacy after the event lives on with millions of views of the talks on