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Change the Game 2017 Event


How to change? Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions.

In 2017, Touch embarked on a journey with a leading premium automotive company to introduce a culture change for the brand globally to their UK employees.

The four-day event hosted 125 attendees per day, so in total 500 employees. The event was held to introduce the culture change, the key principles and “game changers” – broad concepts that their staff could relate to in their day to day to work and drive real cultural change across the organisation.

From client approval to delivery, Touch was given just 8 weeks, to organise full logistics, communications and concept delivery for the live event, as well as a post event engagement plan to continue the momentum long after the live event; the platform to start the change within their organisation.

Surprise, shock and delight was key. The event was built around 8 key principles. Touch created an experiential event which communicated and reinforced these key principles in an innovative way.

The clients’ reaction? “We (client organisers) joined a Skype conference with our HR Business Partners from across Europe and were able to show it (the event footage) to them to give them a flavour of our event. At the end, there was a short pause followed by a round of applause, then they told us that the UK is now the benchmark market in terms of what other countries are doing worldwide!”

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