METACCION / Philip Morris Spain


Philip Morris, into their global strategy not selling tobacco anymore in the near future, they´ve globally launched this year their 3rd IQOS version; an electronic device without smoke and smell.
Initial briefing from client:
1st. Spectacular venues in first stage related to Fashion, Science, Steam vs Smoke, Technology, Flavour, Improvement.
2nd. Spectacular big event with a really good party
The event in Madrid was in the most spectacular place, The Cibeles Palace:
UNBOXING was the concept under we covered the whole venue composed by different experiences and shows “in crescendo” from the beginning.
1st. We provide different experiences along the first stage
1.1.Fashion.- We invited the most important influencers in Spain to the venue. Had a great photocall and to have really huge impact in media and in social networks. In fact, we had more than 500 impacts in mass communication media.
1.2.Science: We create the ceiling through the stars could fly. Thousands of them in a corridor recreating the space and the future.
1.3.Technology: Two cocktail robots making and serving cocktails inspired in all the flavours that the brand has in their product portfolio.
1.4.Flavour.- The two Michelin Star Ramón Freixá made a show cooking himself tasting different kind of flavours and textures in the context of the technology in new kitchen.
1.5.Steam vs. Smoke: We designed a tobacco tree that falls steam bubbles.
1.6.Improvement.- Final acces to the venue through a dance light corridor.
2nd.- We made a videomapping in all the palace including 3 boxes in which walls project all the spectacle that finished in the product reveal wih kabukis and unbox the product in the room. Then appeared Jamiroquai that made a private concert to all assistants.

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