Virtual Brand Forum

Touch Associates / Merck


Merck Healthcare is the global healthcare business of Merck KGaA.

Every year, it conducts a global brand planning process, an exercise to roll out their global plans, the commercial and medical tactics, for their numerous brands across their three franchises, Oncology, Neurology and Fertility.

The recipients of the brand plans are the 5 regions / 66 country marketing and sales management teams, whose task is to shape their local market strategy using the global plans as the basis. This is a crucial part of the operating cycle with their healthcare business.

In the previous four years, a global meeting (the Brand Forum) was hosted to fulfil this need and achieve this objective. However, in 2018, the commercial and financial environment meant that a face to face meeting was not feasible.

Touch, as Merck’s strategic partner, were engaged to offer a solution to this significant challenge - how to achieve the same outcomes yet with only 30% of the budget? touch, with its digital, communications and engagement capability, conceived a virtual meeting platform which not only met the robust client IT requirements but also provided a flexible mobile and web interface to enable a truly global audience to participate.

The results of engagement, participation and behavioural change were remarkable with data providing insight into the viability and success of the solution that touch created.

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