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Visa’s flagship European client event was transformed from a presentation-led conference to one that put relationship building at the heart of the experience.

The Visa Payments Forum Europe 2019 was re-imagined to stimulate thoughts, ideas and discussions among 900 Visa clients, partners and industry leaders about how to meet and exceed consumer expectations in the increasingly complex world of payments.

The format was inspired by feedback from attendees at the previous event, 18 months earlier. They expressed interest in choosing how they spent their time at the event, and that they valued having conversations and connecting with Visa, its partners and other attendees.

In response, the Payments Forum events team created an experiential ‘Marketplace’, which brought the payments ecosystem to life through a European High Street – including retail, transport, home and business zones with interactive demos from over 50 partners.

Making the content relevant to all delegates, who came from very different organisations, was key to the event’s success. This was achieved through the breadth of plenary topics on the main stage, which gave macro-level perspectives on the payments industry. Beyond this programme, delegates had the opportunity to customise their agendas and hear from subject matter experts in a variety of other formats.

Feedback on this event has been very positive, particularly the shared views from clients on the Marketplace.

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