WEF Promenade 84 A

Brandfuel / Google


The World Economic Forum is the International Organisation for Public-Private Co-operation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. It takes place annually in Davos, Switzerland.
For its third year, Brandfuel took over Promenade 84A, a working Asset management office located in the heart of WEF, on behalf of it’s client Google, and transformed it into a bespoke space suitable for a series of private meetings, press interviews and cocktail receptions. The design task for WEF 2020 was to turn the heavily corporate office space into a warm and inviting Swiss Chalet-inspired environment, with sustainability at the core of the build.
In previous years, this space was solely designated for the Google Cloud team, however this year it became accessible for all Google executives and their guests.
With sustainability at the heart of its design, the aim was to create a cosy, rich and modern interior, with a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that encouraged interactivity and conversation. The Brandfuel team therefore focused on several areas of sustainability; energy sources, recycled and reclaimed materials, locally sourced food, rental where possible, and if purchased then the look to use year-on-year.
Sustainability was also highlighted throughout the space with subtle messaging, such as the countertops “I used to be a yogurt pot!”, all creating smile in the mind moments.
Brandfuel’s Sustainability Snapshot:
97.6% of staff and crew air travel emissions being offset
99.8% of the total build material saved for reuse - 0.2% sent to landfill
100% of assets saved for reuse (85%) or donated (15%)
74% recycled-content wood used
58% of meals served being vegan (40%) or vegetarian (18%) with no red meat served
100% hydroelectric energy sourced to power the venue.

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