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Marella Cruises x Wildgoose Interactive Orientation Experience / Marella Cruises/TUI


In 2017, Wildgoose successfully delivered a treasure hunt for TUI staff in an exceptionally unique venue - the Discovery 2 cruise ship. It was following the success of this event that Wildgoose were invited back onboard in May 2018 to design and deliver a completely bespoke onboarding event, to orientate 870 Assistant Store Managers with their newly acquired ship, the Marella Explorer.

The client’s objectives were to get all Assistant Store Managers familiarised with the new features and key information about the ship, so that they would feel confident enough to sell Marella cruise packages back on dry land. The launch of the new ship also marks TUI cruises completed brand repositioning as Marella Cruises, so the activity needed to engage participants with the new Marella brand and it's core values.

The Wildgoose team used their technology platform to create a completely bespoke, gamified onboarding experience. Detailed maps of the ship's fourteen decks were designed and acted as interchangeable game screens throughout the event. Using these screens, teams navigated their way around the ship before unlocking interactive tasks and challenges using image recognition technology.

Delivering an event onboard a cruise ship at sea isn’t without its challenges, the ship was in refurbishment in the 4 weeks prior to the event date - so the Wildgoose team had to finalise and test the game onboard whilst out at sea, with contingencies put in place to overcome the fact that strong internet data wasn't always ​available.

The onboarding event was an overwhelming success, the event itself ran without any technical glitches and results gathered from the Wildgoose platform's inbuilt statistics suite showed that 100% of teams came away from the day feeling more confident in being able to sell Marella Cruise packages to customers.

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