WONDER London Limited

WONDER were tasked to help the Google for Education team put together a touring conference, championing the ‘Lighthouse Schools’ which use Google products in the classroom.

The initial Google for Education tour consisted of a two-day programme at seven Lighthouse schools reaching teachers and pupils across the UK.* At the start of the project, WONDER saw an opportunity to up the ante, suggesting a more spectacular approach; the agency created a transportable, customised classroom which could be moved from school to school.

The project showcased WONDER’s unique approach to the creative process, using highly-detailed 3D visuals to bring the project to life, giving the client a clear picture of how the activation would work.

This was complemented by a collaborative approach to project management, harnessing cloud and file sharing platform to ensure that all parties involved in the project received updates, raise queries and input creatively in real-time.

It was due to the success of the UK events that the tour was rolled out to a selection of schools across Scandinavia. Overall these 4 events reached 23% of the student population and achieved a 31% conversion of customers who came to the event; far exceeding client expectations.

*These events took in April 2015 - and proceeded the Scandinavian leg of the tour which forms the focus of this case study.

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