WONDER London Limited

GCP NEXT 2016, is a series of interactive conferences for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), bringing together coders, developers and IT decision makers across Google’s EMEA markets to share knowledge and to develop innovative ideas in an inspirational setting.

The first leg of this tour was held in Tel Aviv in May 2016 for an audience of 2000+. The second event took place in Amsterdam in June 2016 for 1200+. The final event will take place in London this coming October.

From the outset, Google’s vision was ambitious, requiring a high level of conceptual creativity to answer specific commercial objectives. This project required WONDER to produce a highly collaborative plan coupled with proven processes to comfortably meet the many challenges set out in the brief.

Our mission was to find ways to help the GCP team fully capitalise on this crucial opportunity to engage face­-to-­face with their target audience. We set out to c​reate a personalised programme featuring not just one, but many, unique experiences that, when combined, would have enough impact to move this audience quickly from thinking to doing, post event.

Throughout, WONDER’s in house project, production and creative teams have shared collective expertise to lead multiple stakeholders with clear authority to deliver events that reflected Google's fun, inclusive and immersive nature together with their on-­going commitment to b​uilding trust and partnerships within the developer community.

This case study demonstrates how WONDER works in partnership with clients to produce stand out, carefully considered, multi faceted events. In both the planning and execution we have been praised by Google for being r​esponsive, adaptable, for listening, challenging and advising in order to achieve the best possible outcome.​

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