The Loop


Our pharmaceutical client had a problem. Usually, their annual brand planning meeting was bolted onto an international congress. But, this year, they were unable to justify the cost of flying out mostly Europe-based affiliates to the California location.
So, we proposed something never done before in pharma – a true online ‘festival’ of content. A virtual, broadcast event held over twelve days, featuring: news and buzz from congress; brand planning activities from around the world; interactive brand updates; community discussion forums.
This would be a truly inclusive, accessible and virtual experience with the real event no longer at the congress, but online. There would still be activity on-site, in San Diego, but this year, the majority of attendees would not have to get on a plane to participate. In fact, the virtual solution we developed would not just achieve the objectives just as effectively – but go beyond to offer more, adding value in its own right.
To achieve this, we carefully considered what type of experience we should (and could) offer delegates. We gave the virtual event its own identity – The Loop – and designed an animated ‘living logo’. The platform drew in an audience of 466 (compared to 200 from the previous year’s face to face meeting) in the week before the congress – and they stuck around for nearly two weeks of dynamic content. This included teaser comms, video broadcasts, blog posts, live footage and interviews from the congress.
Based on the principles expressed in our tagline for The Loop, ‘Watch, Create, Participate’, delegates were encouraged to comment, discuss, and upload their own content. The virtual event became a buzzing conversation, amassing 34,000 individual page views.
Our clearest measure of success: we doubled the number of participants but halved the cost of the previous year’s live event.

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