Event with an Edge / Wienerberger


Our client asked us to create a new, dynamic, innovative and relevant customer engagement experience for their key B2B UK roofing customers. Our objectives were to generate awareness of the event, secure customer buy in, ensure sustained engagement and interest pre-event, maximise attendance and reduce on the day drop out.
To achieve this and to build a genuine, long term partnership, we needed to have a greater understanding of their customers’ needs, what they wanted and how we could help them. We conducted independent, primary telephone research with one third of their core customer base.
We provided our client with insight that enabled us, in partnership, to create, shape, build and deliver a truly customer centric experience. We also ran a marketing campaign to ensure that we sustained customer engagement before, during and after the event.
The event was designed to provide the perfect balance between business and pleasure so that delegates experienced a seamless transition from business during the day to entertainment in the evening.
We developed a spy theme where customers participated in three workshops branded, Codebreaker HQ, Villain’s lair and Q’s laboratory. This allowed customers to learn about the latest technologies, apps, new products, new working methods and thought leadership by cracking codes, completing missions and breaking out of an escape room.
Bespoke workshops shared the most recent advancements in building information modelling, key developments within industry, the future of digitalisation and automation in building and embracing social media engagement. Customers then stayed in a 5* hotel where they were treated to a gala dinner and evening entertainment.
We took a group of customers who expressed dissatisfaction and frustration at the state of the market and we created a mutually beneficial experience that cemented relations and repositioned relationships. We achieved 100% attendance and 100% desire to repeat.

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