Finance & Professional Services Event of the Year

Finance & Professional Services Event of the Year : Brands at Work
The Retreat : Deloitte

When Richard Houston was appointed chief executive of Deloitte UK in June 2019, Brands at Work was engaged to design and deliver a very different type of UK
Partner Meeting. Houston wanted the event to reflect his new leadership style and spark the spirit of partnership, reversing the ratio of previous meetings which had been thirty per cent social, seventy per cent business. 

With just a 12-week lead time, Brands at Work took an experience that had previously been held inside a conference venue and set it free. The event took place
in a beautiful country estate and Deloitte partners were encouraged to invite a guest for the first time ever. A 2,000-seater dome hosted a family-style lunch, and keynotes were inspired by promenade theatre. Guests created their own journeys, taking part in an extensive programme of elective sessions from mindful meditation to Lindy Hop dancing, sushi-rolling and even Land Rover off-roading. Sessions took place within a mini village of themed super-cool structures and pop-up pavilions built around the lake.

The Retreat redefined expectations of how a Finance and Professional Services meeting should look and feel. The event was rated excellent or very good by 95 per cent of respondents.

Judges’ comments:
“I wanted to attend this event! Logistically incredibly challenging, but pulled off in style. I loved all the many breakout sessions and the 'non agenda' theme of the

“A great showcase for changing the traditional to something completely new and exciting. The event hit the brief completely while being sustainable and bold.”

“An exceptional event with an incredible range of activities and experiences, which exceeded the objectives and created tangible ROI and brand credibility.”

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