Internal Communications Event of the Year

Internal Communications Event of the Year : Barclays

Barclays uses live events to communicate with colleagues, but with 40,000 employees, reaching them all is a challenge.

In September 2019, Barclays launched a new creative platform ‘Make Money Work for You’ (MMWFY). To support this launch, it created an internal communications event to engage with the entire Barclays UK colleague community.

With a limited budget, Barclays had to be innovative. It came up with Obsessed TV, a broadcast approach that provided a first glimpse of the new creative in advance of public launch. Obsessed TV also put Barclays’ colleagues at the heart of what was delivered and disrupted the norm of the expected event. 

A TV studio format was devised with four one-hour broadcasts conveying the message. This could be watched live or on catch up. Barclays also produced an Event in a Box pack to make watch parties at 14 locations in the UK and India more of an event.

In a switch from the top-down communication approach, colleagues were encouraged to audition to be presenters. Bosses featured in a tongue-in-cheek teaser featuring bumbling attempts to audition for reality shows, and asking ‘Can you help us take over Barclays UK?’

Ten presenters were chosen from more than 1,000 entries. They attended build day, were given presenter training and went on to interview Barclays’ leaders for the event. 

Engagement on the day was much higher than expected with 1,309 MySite interactions. The campaign had set an objective of reaching 9,000 colleagues, but in the event 12,000 tuned in live.

Judges’ comments:
“A fresh and interesting format to reach attendees.”  
“A truly great way to showcase creative thinking and transform a traditional live event to a different yet engaging experience.” 
“A great way to engage staff by including them in the messaging.”

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