At Millbrook we offer customers the opportunity to combine top-grade events facilities & catering, with use of our world famous tracks, making it ideal for experiential automotive events, such as product launches or dealer training, where informative sessions can be combined with driving experiences.

Millbrook’s events team specialise in automotive events and give customers complete flexibility for event design, with each venue being available on an exclusive basis. Millbrook is a secure environment, allowing for total confidentiality for whatever content your event may have.

One of Millbrook’s larger venues, Concept 1 has a unique look that adds immediate impact to any event and is offered with the steering pad (comprising of over 15,000 square metres of
prime outdoor space) which is ideal for marquees, parking or dynamic demonstrations.

Concept 2, by far Millbrook’s biggest venue, it is large enough to swallow a full-height contemporary circus performance, with a roof height of 14m and 1250sqm of clear span space.

Pod is Millbrook’s “little venue with big ideas”. It is located at the heart of the proving ground with easy access to the 70 km of tracks.

Cubo, like Pod, is located at the heart of the 700acre site with easy access to the 70 km of
tracks. It is fun, quirky and bright.

Millbrook’s tracks offer an unrivalled combination of terrains and gradients, suitable for virtually every vehicle demonstration, all in a picturesque location. For breath-taking off-road experiences, Millbrook combines off-road and severe off-road circuits to meet customers’ specification. These tracks provide a comprehensive range of environments for every type of vehicle from soft-roaders to full high-mobility military-specification vehicles.

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