Technology & Telecommunications Event of the Year

Technology & Telecoms Event of the Year : Smyle
Samsung EU Forum : Samsung

Samsung wanted to activate its brand in new and inspiring ways, positioning itself as a future-ready leader to a global audience across four events at Malta’s Mediterranean Conference Centre. Smyle came up with an amazing spectrum of fully integrated brand activations and digitally-led experiences, bringing every aspect of the event to life for participants.

Spaces allowing visitors to interact with Samsung technology included a dynamic workplace for visitors to catch up on emails, Third Place Landscape, which represented a park environment with trees, grass and park furniture. An ambient park soundscape activated as guests walked past, demonstrating the quality of noise cancellation across a range of Samsung and AKG headsets. A music room allowed delegates to relax and access live video content, while in the Smartthings Experience Zone guests could have meetings around a ping pong table with Samsung Flip screen available for presentations, changed instantly to UV ping pong at the flip of a button. 

Post-event feedback was fantastic, with 91 per cent of event survey respondents reporting that the EU Forum was a good use of their time, 91 per cent agreeing that it helped them to build relationships with their sales partners, and 94 per cent saying they learned more about products when they interacted with them. One hundred per cent said on-site communication had been excellent. Samsung reported that partners and employees expected to do more business together as a result of the Forum, which was deemed to have lasting valuable brand impact.

Judges’ comments:
“An incredibly intricate event with such a high level of attention to detail throughout. Some brilliant innovation and fantastic feedback.”
“The stand-out entry. The detail and thought that went into the event was such a high standard.”
“Stunning execution, with really great finish and design, reflective of the product range and the brand.”

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