Android Avenue


Client: Android

The fact that Android Avenue attracted 51% of all visitors to MWC 2022 in Barcelona - the biggest and best exhibition of mobile technology in the world - is testament to the power of its narrative.

In this first in-person event for Google since the start of the pandemic, Brandfuel’s challenge was to show visitors that no matter how much money you have, whatever your age or ability, your life is enhanced by Android - and that, put simply, everything works better together. Our aim was not only to make the technical accessible, but to make it aspirational and enriching. Visitors were invited to get hands-on with Android’s latest useful, creative and playful products. Brand ambassadors helped attendees, whether they were setting up a Chromebook with a phone, or using a watch to lock devices or to buy a coffee in a restaurant. By placing the latest innovations of Android and its partners in 13 familiar environments, Brandfuel showed that no matter which device you use, Android’s products are entirely integrated. Our structures replicated real-world environments - the park, an exhibition, café, shop, information kiosk, garden, home, driveway, plaza, metro and restaurant. Each structure had its own narrative journey, bringing together multiple products and features to show how Google innovations on Android make every day better. The most popular areas were the Plaza, which attracted nearly 16,000 visitors, the Home and the Magic Eraser demonstration. The average dwell time of the 31,000 visitors to the stand was 7 minutes 49 seconds, generating just over 29,000 product demonstrations. With 85% of visitors to the stand saying that “Android powers effortless multi-device experiences for users that work better together”, Android Avenue clearly fulfilled its brief. The message was clear - no matter where you are, Android’s latest products are empowering, effortless, personal and safe.