The most valuable asset of any company is its people.

While the past two years have been hugely challenging for Brandfuel, as for so many businesses, as a creative agency we have always embraced change. And for us - with the senior leadership team’s focus on strong team support, clear communications, and extensive upskilling for a digital events world - change has brought great opportunities. We have nurtured our community of staff, freelancers, clients and suppliers. For us, the bigger picture has always been about trying to keep the events industry afloat, not just Brandfuel. As a result of our upskilling, we have taken on 30 new clients, with 220 new projects in 2021 alone, and have celebrated the endless possibilities of hybrid events as we have delved deep into the metaverse. Digitally, we have produced award ceremonies, BBQ masterclasses, conferences, virtual exhibition stands, dinners, huge charity events and a three-day global summit run in five languages. As restrictions have been lifted, however, and normality has crept back into our everyday lives, pitches and briefs have become more complex, with digital and hybrid projects gradually giving way to physical events once more. Our client base went from 20 in 2020 to 50 at the start of 2022. Our anticipated turnover for May 2020 was £31 million; this fell to £2 million in 2021, but has bounced back to a turnover of £28 million at the end of our financial year in May 2022. Our staffing fell from 56 staff in March 2020 to 46 staff by the end of 2020. We now have 58 full-time employees and are still recruiting enthusiastically. Throughout the past two years, we have worked tenaciously to look after our staff, freelancers, suppliers and clients, and we are now primed to grasp new opportunities in the post-Covid world.