Clearwater International Team Event 2021

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Client: Clearwater International

“Thank you for organising such a fantastic event. I know how much preparation it takes for these trips to run smoothly but you absolutely smashed it. It was so much fun throughout and I don’t think it could have been any better”

“Our crew reckon it was the best Clearwater trip yet and am inclined to agree” When 1331 Events took the brief to bring together 230 people from 17 offices across 9 countries and make their annual team trip incredible, we said ‘no problem’. Ibiza was our chosen destination to deliver this complex multi-day international event for corporate finance firm Clearwater International with the 3 key objectives of Saying ‘thank you’ to staff Ensuring that the business engaged and motivated their international team. Making it an unforgettable event for all those involved Sourcing and using amazing venues for the 3-day, 2-night event was only a small part of our approach. With engagement at the heart of our event strategy, we launched the Clearwater Olympics weeks before delegates arrived at the event, with event details, comms and the all-important leader board being managed via our event app. The business was split into 23 teams in advance who were given weekly tasks to score points for their team…a competition that continued throughout the event with the winners announced in Ibiza on the closing night of the event. Old friends and colleagues could reconnect and for the more recent joiners, they could meet and get to know new workmates whom, due to COVID, they had only seen on screen. “It worked brilliantly – it formed new bonds even before the team got there.” Feedback was hugely positive with 98% of attendees feeling that the event brought them and their European colleagues closer together. Event highlights video