Dongfeng CITROËN Space Pop-Up

Client: Dongfeng CITROËN

Agency: Uniplan

In 2020 and 2021, the CITROËN SPACE pop toured Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. The 4-stop event featured a total of 135 live performances and 14 workshop and 2 festival activities with live streaming on social media. The event theme, "Live the Journey", was inspired by the brand's "dare to be different" attitude and the target audience, young lifestyle elites. We started the "Journey" with visual and space designed with a modern and playful touch on the French style. Then we offered a range of interactive activations and workshops, covering the CITROËN's heritage and future, and localised the experiences with a unique theme and brand crossover to each city. We also leveraged with WeChat mini-programme to create a reward mechanism for further engagement. The event has achieved remarkable results. •In the 4-stop event, 27,613 guests across 4 cities in China visited CITROËN Pop-Up SPACE, the total number of affected passengers reaching 111,894. •CITROËN’s official social platform gained more attention, with 123,989 new TikTok Fans and WeChat fans. •Total 422 journalists from influential media in China attended the events with more than 487 articles generated. •Positive feedback from the audience indicating successful communication about the brand image and messages.