FIRST x Sibos 2021

First Protocol Event Management

Client: SWIFT

In 2021, SWIFT and FIRST continued to push the boundaries of virtual engagement, raising the bar for Sibos, the financial community’s primary thought-leadership event.

In September 2021, after a tight 9 months of collaboration at a time where the threat of lockdowns and hybrid executions were still cast in a wave of uncertainty, SWIFT’s flagship event saw 300+ speakers, 90hrs of live streams, 200+ hrs of content, studios in 3 countries, and an audience spanning 5 continents. From the last fully in-person Sibos in London in 2019, FIRST has guided its evolution year after year into the first fully virtual Sibos in 2020, then to the first hybrid Sibos in 2021 and we’re delighted to share that we are in the process of guiding SWIFT back into in-person for Sibos 2022 in Amsterdam. The key challenge put to FIRST during these transitions happens to be our bread and butter: pristine audience engagement. With our keen in-house Data & Insights team, our extraordinary Creative Strategists and our industry renowned Event Technology and Events & Experiences teams, we have been able to support SWIFT with strategic content creation and award-winning virtual environment design and platform experience. But to look back on the past 2 years, many of us agree that the best successes have come from truly tapping into our collective humanity. That’s the language FIRST speaks. And that’s how we approached Sibos 2021.