Client: Santen Pharmaceutical

Agency: Touch Associates

An event delivering a new experience for the ophthalmic community, reinforcing key messages about patient-centricity in glaucoma care management whilst establishing Santen as a trusted and valuable partner in ophthalmology. touch’s strategy was to develop a fully bespoke virtual environment, with its own identity to deliver a unique customer experience, whilst also elevating the current discussion about glaucoma management excellence and glaucoma patients’ care. A varied programme of presentations, break-out parallel sessions, panel discussions, as well as interactive elements such as a virtual photo booth, kept the audience engaged with the content. We harnessed the spirit and buzz of the festival scene to drive audience participation in a fun and energising way through the theme of GlaucomaFest. The audience were made to feel like they were attending a real-life festival with breakout sessions, live streams and general sessions housed within themed tents – a perfect example of brand narrative coming to life in a relevant but unexpected way. Pre-event customers were directed to an open registration site where they were able to register for the event and even invite fellow eye care specialists who they felt might enjoy GlaucomaFest. On a weekly basis, reminder emails were also created for Santen country managers to share and encourage multiple waves of registrations, thus building momentum for the live experience. During the event itself, the co-chairs and the panel were live streamed from their homes via the platform, giving participants the opportunity to hear directly from them and ask questions live. All content was recorded and available for review post event. GlaucomaFest has paved the way to a new form of medical education, by delivering unique, high quality and enjoyable medical education to better serve the ophthalmic community through what can be called “medical edutainment”.