Good Morning Poundland & Dealz and The Early Early Show with Barry Williams

Client: Poundland & Dealz

Agency: Meet & Potato

This project was the result of a close collaboration between communications experts from both the client, Poundland & Dealz and their agency, Meet & Potato working together as one team. Meet & Potato know the Poundland & Dealz brand, the business, its people, and their creative ambitions having worked together since 2015. As the trusted event partner, they’re encouraged to push boundaries and present challenges so it’s fair to say the pandemic only strengthened the relationship. The Poundland & Dealz annual business conference for 1,200 head office colleagues, retail field team, and store managers is usually a live, in-person event. However, necessity is the mother of invention and in this case Covid was the primary driving force to change the way Poundland & Dealz communicated with colleagues. Taking swift action to move the conference into a digital and virtual space never felt like a compromise, the content was on-brand, adhered to the core business values, and above all it was fun! Launching the business strategy communications, two pilot TV programmes were inspired by the format employed by popular daytime lifestyle and evening chat shows. This approach – a mix of interviews, live demos, music and entertainment – was a game-changer for the brand. Both shows were so successful this event format became the template for all future communications throughout 2021 and beyond. The virtual events effectively delivered engaging business messages in a totally unique and creative way. Both Good Morning Poundland & Dealz and The Early Early Show with Barry Williams received a fantastic response from teams across the brand group with many colleagues taking to social media in praise of the company for the quality of the broadcast and the entertaining show style.