Client: Klarna UK

Agency: Klarnival

Klarna are a bank with a difference, making the shopping experience as simple, safe, and smooth as possible.

The UK public looked to big businesses to lead the way when COVID-19 hit - and that meant us (source: GlobalWebIndex).

Live experiences and those who provide them were significantly impacted. Clearly summer 2020 was going to be like no other. We decided to bring the best bits of festivals, which were still very much a part of consumer mindset, to our shoppers. Klarnival was born.

Working with micro-influencers and merchant partners, we drove excitement prior to our four day virtual festival through ‘what I would wear’ styling, gifting bespoke merchandise and generating community UGC. Eighteen artists featured over the four day virtual festival - all of whom were paid - and we donated to the charity Help Musicians. Sets were livestreamed on Facebook then featured on IGTV to reach more audiences post-streaming.

This unique experience also:

Drove almost 10,000 new followers to our focus social channel, Instagram

Delivered 1.67m reach across the campaign

Generated 945,000 impressions for our four partner merchants

Supported a group economically impacted by the pandemic

Had over nineteen times more Shares, three times more Comments and almost forty times more Reactions than our usual video content

Continued to deliver a smooth experience for our consumer network, showing shoppers we are on their side.

We’re proud to support those that need it the most, to uplift our shoppers and to deliver exceptional engagement while doing so.