Moving Forward Together

Meet & Potato

Client: Dunelm

Dunelm wanted this conference to look and feel very different to previous years; the focus was all about reconnecting colleagues for the first time in 2 years to have meaningful conversations and to really celebrate success. Moving Forward Together was a step-change in communication style for the business. Typically used to a top-down delivery, this year's seminar reflected the changes in culture following Covid and allowed delegates to engage in a more open and direct conversation with executives. Colleagues from across the business were invited to co-create the conference video content with their own personal stories, helping to shape the brand narrative. Presenters embraced this light touch, with live content kept to a minimum, supported by emotive videos designed to deepen the connection to the brand and instil a sense of pride.

Every effort was made to bring people together with interactive team games and live workshops on confidence and cultural behaviours. The evening celebration took inspiration from the brand strapline, Dun Your Way. We created a relaxed and casual environment with long tables and bench seating to encourage socialising between teams. Delegates were able to design their own night from the huge choice of food, drinks and entertainment on offer. This celebration was deliberately designed to feel personal, inclusive of everyone, and utterly joyful.