TK Events

Client: Multiple

This is a story of how TK Events rebranded and re-created our agency, moving from a Live Events agency to a Digital First agency with the launch of our Virtual Event Platform. While the pandemic forced event agencies to close and suffer losses unlike anything the industry has ever seen, at TK Events we paused, dug deep into our event expertise - relying on our technology tool kit and tech savviness, to design and develop our own virtual venue event platform. The TK Events Virtual platform is designed by event planners for event goers. Utilizing 3D rendered graphics imitating actual meeting or event space, attendees are able to attend an event virtually. The platform is designed for clients to conduct events offering an immersive and visually rich user experience. The virtual events were intended to forge a new path for corporations forced to replace their live events, while treading into virtual events for the first time. The attendee experience is at the forefront of everything we do. The beauty is in the simplicity - no new-fangled technology to understand or complex instructions to decipher – the audience journey is streamlined yet engaging. Universal objectives were: Attendee engagement, networking, sharing content and attracting sponsors for revenue generating opportunities. From May 2020 to June 2021 while cancelling all our live events, we produced and developed over 150 virtual events within our custom designed virtual platform. Our clients are global corporations with worldwide audiences. The launch of the platform and initial events, provided a launching pad for a product that has differentiated us in the marketplace - known for our visually rich, curated, one-of-a- kind designs for each client’s brand. A platform that sets us apart in a burgeoning marketplace.