As an independent global innovation studio, UNIT9’s mission is to create astounding brand experiences at the intersection of creativity, craft and cutting-edge technology.

Our positioning as ‘Experience Generalists’ alongside our team of multidisciplinary creators allows us to create show-stopping brand experiences, no matter the platform, the environment or the technology. It is this positioning that has seen us thrive through the difficulties of 2020, and whilst we sorely missed live-events we undoubtedly created some of the best work in our two decade long history.

We started the year as the talk of CES thanks to our “Restroom Robots” for Charmin. We then walked the Red Carpet at the EE BAFTAs, creating the world’s first 5G-powered augmented reality dress, and never looked back as we launched the Xbox Series X with an epic virtual gaming event using real-time VFX, holograms and fan participation. We designed a showstopping virtual Diplo concert for Intel’s online keynote; opened virtual doors to The Metropolitan Museum of Art to offer immersive digital galleries, games and AR art loans; taught girls STEM skills through a virtual experience in Minecraft for charity She Can STEM; and turned YouTube Live into a multiplayer game experience for the League of Legends gaming community.

2020 saw UNIT9 at the cusp of a new era of brand experience - a hybrid physical/digital era, drenched with new technologies such as real-time VFX, driven by game engines with creativity at its core.