Co Founder , Diversity Ally

Ashanti Bentil Dhue is the Co Founder of 100 White Allies, Diversity Ally and Black In Events, companies which provide support to organisations who want to proactively change workplace culture to become healthier and inclusive, both internally and for their service users. Ashanti believes that systemic change comes from taking a considered, blended approach which brings accountability to the change process, the inclusion of appropriate lived experience, and dynamic and innovative approaches to facilitated thinking. More importantly, Ashanti focuses on working with organisations on how they prepare employees and leadership for uncomfortable conversations, before they receive any training and education. Ashanti is able to bring the experience she gained from five years spent as a Regulatory Compliance AVP for the likes of Santander Bank, Barclaycard and the Financial Ombudsman Service. This experience has given Ashanti an understanding of corporate governance and challenges associated with change management and workplace culture shifts. Ashanti Bentil-Dhue co created the UK's first nationwide anti-racism and allyship project for women in HR ( which is 83% female and white) who want to become allies to minorities in the workplace. She also conducted the UK's only piece of research advising organisations on how to retain and engage millennial and generation z black women in the workplace which culminated in a widely anticipated white paper. Ashanti has been a judge on a number of awards panels, including the Eventex Awards, Independent Publisher Awards and the Virtual Event Institute Awards. Ashanti is also the founder and MD over at EventMind, a diverse digital event delivery partner.