Eurostar is the international high-speed train company that have carried millions across Europe since 1994. Having recently joined forces with Belgian-French train operator Thalys under the Eurostar name, they now offer routes to 28 destinations across the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Your carbon footprint from one flight between London and Paris is the same as making 14 Eurostar journeys. That’s the equivalent of travelling with us every day for two weeks.* Or if you fly to Amsterdam, your carbon footprint is the same as making seven Eurostar journeys.

Eurostar offers unique experiences on board for those booking exclusive coaches for meetings and events. Hosted by an expert and tailored to the travellers, themes are inspired by Eurostar’s most popular destinations and include gin and cheese tasting, an introduction to history of art and the inside track on rugby.

*Based on 2019 CO2e emissions. More info at