Faye Carter

Head of Experiential , Deloitte

Faye has played in a key role in the development and production of live experiences for major global brands for over 20 years. As the Head of Experiential for Deloitte, she has delivered some of the firm's biggest live and virtual experiences across EMEA. In particular, Faye has led and evolved the Deloitte Partner experiences across the UK and North and South Europe, bucking the trend of traditional corporate communications and connecting with senior leaders with creativity, clarity and unforgettable content. Faye is a keen believer in the power of in-person and virtual experiences to help shape a brand, communicate its strategic goals, and augment its messaging. And as advisor to the board of directors for BAFTA 195 Piccadilly, she extends her passion for best-in-class experience beyond her day-to-day role.