Achieving Breakthrough

CTL Communications

CTL Communications were appointed to deliver a launch event for a new treatment indication. The meeting needed to be worthy of celebrating this historical moment whilst also ensuring the participants understood the strategy and actions needed to ensure a successful launch.

Built on the theme Making History: Achieving Breakthrough, the meeting centred around the patient, with handwritten letters from real patients in pre-event experience boxes delivered to each attendee around the world, patient interviews and video re-enactments of the struggle of day to day life through to the hope for a brighter future. We built anticipation with a “Breakthrough News” communications campaign leading up to the event incorporating press releases, medical approvals, videos and more. With one month to go, we hosted a series of weekly 30-minute pre-meetings, disseminating the content into bite-sized digestible sessions, with lively Q&A and interactions. This in turn allowed us to deliver a shorter and more dynamic launch meeting over 2 days. Two sessions were delivered each day to accommodate global time zones and drive maximum participation. Attendees were live-streamed via an MS Teams community wall where more than 450 from around the world interacted together and with presenters on stage, delivering moments to make an impact and to remember. We pushed the boundaries for collaboration, combining both an interface people use almost every day, together with a professional platform to raise the bar of presenter delivery and content. This event brought together 450 attendees, 40 countries, 2 days, 3 workshops with 19 breakouts and 5 pre-sessions, resulting in countless opportunities for heart failure patients to have a second chance at life. Overall, a great way to Make History!